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sixguninc [userpic]

I just read The Road a few weeks ago and saw the movie shortly thereafter.  I must say the movie portrayed the world as a lot more desolate and hopeless than the book, although the book did a much better job at portraying the character's attributes.  Anybody think different or have any other opinions?  I thought it was a pretty faithful adaptation seeing as how the book wasn't very long to begin with.

Likewise, are there any other film adaptations of Cormac McCarthy's books out, aside from No Country for Old Men?  And is that worth seeing?

Much obliged.


Pink Siamese [userpic]

I learned this weekend in my internet travels that the same guy who wrote the screenplay for The Departed is writing the screen adaptation of Blood Meridian.

Maybe it won't completely suck. I'm not holding my breath, though.

willowind76 [userpic]

YO!  just joined this community, and thought I'd post something for once (yay!)

Recently I read The Road and I'd like to ask anybody whose listening what their favorite passages from the novel were. I had quite a few that I liked so much and I had to underline them (my book to deface)  so I have a reasonable idea where to find them again so I can share:


I say yay again and leave you to yourselves.

Pink Siamese [userpic]

There should be fanfare played before reading that aloud: The New York Times Magazine Interview. It's sixteen years old and to date is the most substantial printed interview the man has ever given. I finally broke down and read the damn thing.

Cormac McCarthy's Venomous Fiction, by Richard B. Woodward.

You have to register with New York Times to read it, but registry is free.

Pink Siamese [userpic]

I originally posted this at ultimatebadass because I really had no other place to put it.

In which Cormac McCarthy and the Coen brothers discuss No Country For Old Men.

All that genius in one room. The thought makes me dizzy.

Pink Siamese [userpic]

Yeah, yeah, pervert of botanical bent. The moonlight melonmounter. You had to know someone would grab this and run with it. ;-)

...and make freaky fruit love.

For the record, my vote for author avatar characterization goes to Gene. Okay so it doesn't really. But the bitch in me has always wanted to say that.

Pink Siamese [userpic]

Shall we get things rolling with a little Blood Meridian humor?

Cormac McCarthy does Toy Story 3.

I figure somebody in here might actually get it.

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